Weed or Girl?

I just happened to come across this girl Parul today. Somehow,we were chatting about our very first relationships.  I burst out laughing when she told me that she broke up with her first boyfriend for mere 7000 bucks. 

So, here's her story: 

Parul was a pretty young girl from Himachal. Her color was so white that with just putting on dark red lipstick on her soft, trembling lips, her face looked like a snow ball with a red peck.  When she smiled, the whole world seemed to pause for a little while. 

Had she not been committed, I would have definitely hit on her the moment I saw her. 

As soon as she turned 19 and completed her high school this guy Vikram approached her. They both were in school together since last four years. Vikram had a crush on Parul since class 9th. As it was the last day of school, he grabbed the opportunity and proposed her on their farewell.  

Parul too liked Vikram so she said yes! Soon their love was touching the limits of the endless sky. Unfortunately, Parul got selected for higher studies in some college in Chandigarh. 

One fine day, Vikram called her up. Parul streched her hands to reach her cell phone kept on the table beside her bed. She rubbed her eyes and tried to look at the flashing screen of her phone. She was shocked to see Vikram's name flashing at 3:00 am.

"Hello!", she said. It was strange for her that Vikram was calling at such odd time as she had her semester exam the next day. He coughed and told her that he was falling short of his semester fees by 7000 bucks. Parul calmed him down and assured that she would transfer him the money next morning.

As soon as she was done with her exam the next day, she called up Vikram to tell him how great her exam went. He did not answer any of her calls. Later, that day she came to know through a common friend that Vikram was into all sort of drugs. Semester fees was just a lame excuse to get money to quench his thirst of smoking pot. 

She was taken aback by this news. She felt cheated. The next thing she did was just a text message saying, "It's OVER" 

Since then both of them are "Strangers".    
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