First Night at the Hostel

Some more lectures passed by and soon it was 4:00 p.m. The day scholars started moving towards college buses heading towards their respective routes. Ian stepped out of the lecture Hall and stood near the buses till they left the IITM campus.

Ian headed towards the boys hostel. There was not much crowd in the campus as he was among the first batch of the college. Millions of thoughts crossed his mind. Some months before he was preparing for an IIT, being qualified in Maths & Physics he was rejected due to his poor Chemistry. Ian hated the subject the most.

He stepped inside his room and changed his clothes. Someone knocked at his door. He stood up and opened the door and saw the Hostel supervisor along with a guy and his parents. 'Parvesh' was Ian's new room-mate. His parents asked him to take care and be friends with Parvesh. 

Dusk passed by in arranging the personal belongings and it was time for dinner. The hostel mess was in good shape, I mean just the infrastructure. The food quality was way too worst than expected. Ian somehow managed to gulp down two chapatis down his throat and returned back to his room. There were 40 hostelers in all.

Mr. Tomar, the hostel warden, asked all the hostelers to assemble and recited the rules to be followed like a poem. Most of the hostelers were feeling low as they were new to this atmosphere miles away from their hometowns.

Some were busy making friends, one or two including Jijo (the studious guy) were revising the things taught in classroom. Ian felt like he was sentenced in a prison. Being from the hills himself, he found the people here too rude than in dehradun. The Haryanvi jaats just seemed to be brainless beastly bodies who did not have even proper communication kills. He failed to understand what they spoke. 

Around 9 p.m., all the hostelers gathered in the common room and introduced themselves. Till 11:00 p.m. all were watching Dil, Dosti etc. on the television. Some were feeling relieved and free from their homes in this atmosphere. It was hell for Ian. 

The hostelers circled and started playing a game. One guy circled a bottle and the one at whom the bottle stopped had to share his 1st perception about all others one by one. Soon the hostelers were knowing much more about each other and made there own groups Haryana group, delhi-ites, etc. and moved with their friends towards their rooms to sleep. 

Ian closed his eyes. He tried his best but sleep was miles away, he was still dreaming of the princess he saw in college... lol :D
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