Girls, Girls and Girls!

So here is Ian's second tale. I'll continue from where I left the last one...

Ian got a bit demoralized by the bitch slap he received on the first day. All his dreams somewhat shattered, the one's he had seen of being a stud in college.

But at that very moment, another thing happened...what? exactly what you are thinking... a girl passed by like a spring's cool breeze!

he was like what a bombshell?

her silky hair looked even better when they were in a mess/untied,

her red apples like cheeks when she blushed he just want to bite it,
her eyes bluish and deeper than the ocean he just wanted to drown in that deepness,
her lips like petals of roses he just wanted to taste them....
she was not too fat or too skinny she seemed perfect,

her skin was very fair as compared to his brown skin!

he forgot the slap and started following the girl to IITM cafeteria ;)

The girl... her eyes, her hair, her smile blew his mind. Like a dumb ass, he didn't approached the girl and went back to his lecture hall to attend the second lecture ( I hate him for this!).

The lecturer attended the hall, took attendance and introduced himself to the class. Ian was still lost in the dreams of the angel he just had a glimpse of!

roll no "135"

present sir!

roll no. 36?

( no one replied)

ROLL NO. 136?

(still none replied!)

ROLL NUMBER 136? Ian Deb ??? 

Ian replied,"yes! ....YESS SIR!"

"Are you sleeping or what?", Mr. Tomar asked sternly!

Ummm... Sorry! I am sorry sir!

Still an hour passed by like a moment and Ian was still dreaming of his first would be girlfriend in college.

(to be continued...)
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