On a bunk Miss

There was this guy Ian. The most notorious and a disturbing element as per the lecturers. I remember my first day in college. I was not so intelligent to get a NIT or an IIT but somehow managed to get admission in a newly constructed private engineering college IITM in the land of Mahabharata, Kurukshetra, India. My batch was the very first batch of our college.

IITM campus was well defined and so was the staff. This tale begins and ends at the 1st engineering lecture of my life. I had my seat reserved on management quota and observed my new classmates carefully. Boys and girls, some black some white from all different parts of the country were sitting inside a rectangular lecture hall ( I don't remember the exact dimensions...lol :D ).

Some kurukshetra localites who had been schoolmates too were buzy chatting. I was feeling good, new in this new atmosphere. Sitting alone at the last bench waiting for a start.

Just then a hottie entered the hall carrying a book in her hand. Her glasses made her look like a lecturer, however, her figure sang a totally different tale. 

She recited the syllabus for 10 minutes and then began an introduction round. Each student had to stand up and speak their names and tell their bio.

Ian was a nerd as one may perceive at mere looking at his face. The lecture was about to get over when the attendance ceremony began. One by one, Miss.Sharma called out roll numbers and students replied "PRESENT miss."

Just as she called out Roll no.51 "Abhimanyu Singh"; Ian replied back,"On a bunk Miss!"

I mean what the fuck was that?

the localites started gossiping. Ian had overheard Abhimanyu saying that I'll be on a bunk before the lecture to his friends.

As soon as the bell rang, Ms.Sharma left the class. Abhimanyu entered the class and Bamm! planted a tight slap on Ian's face. I witnessed the first fight, first argument, the beginning of Ian's college life!

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