Changes: They are meant to be!

Hey Hi !Nothing special! Lately, I have gone through several changes both in me and my surroundings. So today we will just focus on CHANGES!

Whatever your age may be or your occupation this post gonna shake you from within.
  • whether it's a change of your designation!
  • whether it's a change of you girlfriend!
  • whether it's a change of your job!
  • whether it's a change after losing a near and dear one!
  • whether it's a change of your class or standard! or...
  • A change within you!

We don't know when and how we change but our circumstances make us change ourselves and our habits. The only thing responsible for it always is our atmosphere and the society we reside in! The people we have around us. You never know a person with whom you share all of your secrets, changes and moulds you in a fashion that you never get to know who and when changed you.

The only thing to focus here is: How to mould yourself to the changing surroundings?
Answer is too simple, still most of us get agitated or depressed. There is no need to fear from changes but just think... focus why did it actually occur. Once you are able to figure out the root cause, it's just you none else who knows how to tackle the change and utilize it and convert into an opportunity even if the change's intention is to smack you down.

Be responsible and think what if nothing ever changed? You would get bored too soon! It's the changes that keep us alive and help us in searching a reason of living.

Accept the change as a challenge and fuck the world! Already there are many screwing it up and it won't count if you too screw it up to polish yourself and show them what you really are!


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