How to rank up blog on Google Search results?

Keywords play an important role in any website ranking on search engines like google and driving traffic to it. Keywords are basically set of phrases that are most commonly searched on Google. Including Keywords in our content helps us rank our links on google upto 1st SERP (Search Engine results page)

There are paid tools like Adwords (by Google) or Semrush that provide keyword phrases along with their volumes which helps us decide what keywords to include in our content for maximum traffic and profitability. The Rank up is just based on probability. 

How to rank up blog on Google Search results?

For example. a "One Plus Nord" phrase may no longer be an excellent keyword after new versions like One plus 9 is released.

Useful Tips for Blogger SEO optimization:

1. Edit Post URL link

  • Number of characters in Permalink should be less than 50
  • Do not use stop words like A, An, The in permalink
  • Try to use keywords in custom Permalink

2. Keyword Density

Using too many keywords in same post can have hazardous effects. Keyword stuffing  adversely impacts the Ranking.

3. Using Labels and Related posts smartly

Labels add the Keyword density to a post. Labels also populate related posts in Blogger

4. Post title Optimization

Post Title plays a key role in Blogger SEO optimization. Usually Homepage title and post title are clubbed together which harms the Post title. Simply Edit Blog HTML and replace:

title><data:blog.pagetitle/></title> with

<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

 This will enable individual titles for every page.

5. Image optimization:

We should add alt and title tags in each and every image. Will post about Image optimization in detail in later posts as it's a vast topic.

6. Using Meta Tags

Metatags are used to fetch title, footer text, description and other meta contents of a URL. They enhance SEO slightly.

7. Using No-follow for external links.

Adding no-follow to external links stops Search engins to crawl to external links through your content.

8. Using Comments section smartly

Comments section should be moderated and no-followed in order to stay safe from SPAM comments. Including post keywords in Comment replies to readers also helps in boosting SEO.

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