PUBG banned in India | Right or Wrong?

I saw a couple of meme's around social media on the legendary game PUBG having millions of users in India and across the globe being banned.

PUBG banned in India


 The best ones I personally enjoyed include:

  • A video's of mother's dancing and celebrating it like Diwali
  • A Text meme stating,
PUBG banned in India

I don't know what has happened to the society. If we ban all Chinese apps, how will our technology grow? Where will we get innovative ideas or competition from. 


I am not against the ban anyhow this is just a few facts before we let media and news control our mind and overpower our brain, mindset and decision making power.


The law of conservation of energy states that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Every PUBG players either negative energy (Addiction) or positive energy (Playing once- twice a week for fun) is getting involved.


Whether PUBG is banned or not, it should be an individual's call whether to play or not. Whether to support Apps which are mere Abstract products of technology and creative minds. We already have banned almost all physical products being imported from China.


What's bad in extracting just the good part of the bad?


One more thing, Tencent Games (The Chinese company associated with PUBG) hols just 10% of the share in the mobile Gaming Application. The game was originally developed in Korea and is owned by them.


Sooner or Later, if that 10% is aquired by a non-chinese company ban will get lifted. 

What a joke? Open up your mind and just think. Similar strategy was in news for Chinese App TikTok a few weeks ago.


  1. It has already costed around $34 billion to tencent isn't it good?

    1. It's just a viewpoint Money or Innovation. It's up to us.

    2. Money or Innovation? What do we need?

  2. A worthy read!! These kinds of "arrogant" decisions to ban apps/service without proper justification or warning is just plain short sightedness. It's sad to see our leaders don't understand the rise of E-Gaming worldwide and the potential that our talented youth can add to it!

    1. Totally agreed. Most Developers including me learn a lot, think a lot more creatively using such apps or google things that don't work. By such bans it's self suicide on the tecnology front.


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