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Sep 2, 2020

Latest Employment BUZZ: 4 working days in a week?

COVID-19 has hit mostly all sectors including IT  too bad. If we think otherwise, on the other hand,  there have been many new technical innovations for digital processes in India that were already in place in countries like US for example : Home Delivery of all items. Not only Clothes, Gadgets but daily milk, bread and butter too. We have somehow learnt to save the unnecessary time we used to spend being physically involved in such daily routine tasks.

Do you know about the latest Employment BUZZ?

So one of my close friends called me up yesterday and told me that his work days have been reduced to 4 days in a week. So the question is why didn't they implemented it earlier? Some organizations are still having a 6 day work week (Apart from exceptions where 6 days are absolutely necessary required for running the business profitably)

Gather round the coffee table, the rumors are true: a 4 day workplace culture may be a reality soon.There are a few companies like Perpetual Guardian, New Zealand, are already having a 4 day work week. A 4 day work week boosts up employee satisfaction, company's commitment, teamwork, & also decreases stress levels. Even better, a 4 day work week doesn't affect productivity or company output. It also decreases the carbon footprint due to less commutation. 

I just highlighted the Pros. Open for Cons and Thoughts. :)

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