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Sep 9, 2020

Are ODD numbers really ODD?

 So here I come again with some interesting facts about odd numbers. It's human tendency to neglect those logics they can't understand. I believe odd numbers are not at all odd. Their importance is way too much than mere numbers in Mathematics.

Few Examples:

1. God is one
3. There are three Lok(Worlds) as per Hindu Mythology: Swarg Lok , Prithvi Lok and Pataal Lok.
5. There are five fingers(including Thunb) in a hand that beholds and can be used to depict our future using lines on the palm of the hand.
7. The number of days in a week are odd. There are Seven colors in Rainbow.
9. Ritual of feeding 9 young girls in Navratra.
11. Ritual of feeding 11 Brahamins.

Moreover, Gifts or donations are always in odd numbers i.e 11, 51, 101 or 1001 and so on. .

Animals in a pack ,Count of birds in a group are always odd. Number of planets (even after counting rahu and ketu) is odd. "Nature loves odd", so does Hinduism.

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