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Sep 12, 2020

7 chakras in Human body | VIBGYOR

We need to balance our Chakras in order to have perfect balance between our heart, mind, body and soul. 

When our heart, mind, body and soul are in sync we can feel a harmonious flow of energy in our body. Each one of the seven Chakras is important and has an individual role and importance for us. Chakras start from the tip of the spinal cord to the top of our heads.

"Chakra" meaning Wheel symbolises the flow of both Potential & Kinetic energy in our body. These 7 energy centres control energy distribution and emotions too. If the Chakras go out of sync, it adversely impacts our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Below are the 7 Chakras in Human Body:

{1} Muladhara <Root Chakra> : Red in color, it's placed at root of the Spine. It connects our mind, body and soul to the earth.

{2} Svadisthana <Sacral Chakra> : Orange in color, it's placed right below the belly button (Naval) It's associated with lymphatic system. Controls emotions, expressions and sexual desires.

{3} Manipura <Navel Chakra> : Yellow in color, it's placed behind naval, below rib cage. It controls our self confidence, wisdom, self discipline and gut feeling.

{4} Anahata <Heart Chakra> : Green in color, it's placed at the centre of the chest. It's linked to love and compassion, emotional healing & mental health.

{5} Vishudha <Throat Chakra> : Blue in color, it's placed above heart. It helps us in voice communication. Controls our vocal chords.

{6} Ajna <Third Eye Chakra> : Indigo in color, it's placed between eyebrows, responsible for connecting our soul to the outer world.

{7} Sahasrara <Crown Chakra> : Violet in color, it's placed on top of our head. It connects us directly to the almighty god.

The most interesting fact here is, read the colors I have marked as bold it's the seven colors we learnt in childhood. Rainbow | VIBGYOR :)

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