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Aug 28, 2020

Learn to say No and live a stress free life.

Mostly, its too hard for few people to say No to anybody. be it our own parents, friends, family, school-mates, office colleagues or our own Boss. Reasons can be

any, may differ from person to person.

The entire universe originates from the black hole thus our surroundings are just a mere illusion to distract our soul from reaching it's goal.

The soul needs to be in sync with our brain, heart and body. Only when all are in sync we can feel the power of the sixth sense.

The nose smells, the ear hears, the legs help us walk every part of our body exists for a specific reason. We should try to feel our each and every part and then decide what to do. Whether Yes or No.

In corporate, few people never say No. That does not mean they are buttering anyone or they have extra hours than 24 in a day. It might be their humbleness and extra efforts they are always eager to put in.

So coming back to the point, we should always be prepared to say No without any hesitation as it's just you, your body, mind and soul who can feel and realize what you should do and what you should not.

Nowadays, many people are suffering from mental diseases, consulting psychiatrists for mental balance. I was one of them a few days back. Don't let anyone overpower your self decisions that block your thought process and create mental blockages in your mind.

Feel the vibrations in your mind, meditate, know who you truly are... meet your soul. You will surely realise Lust, Anger, Greed, Attraction, Money and Pride (घमंड, अभिमान, अहंकार, दंभ, गुमान, ग़रूर) are nothing, not at all worth to what you have done to yourself.

Each one of us is special. Be Special. Say No to yourself. Say No to others next and live a stress free life.

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