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Apr 14, 2020

Learn to Design an Automation Framework from scratch – The Transformers Pledge

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Manual Testers / Automation testers (2-3 Years experienced)

Digital Identity is my passion. Having almost 9 Yrs of experience in breaking code I’ve been mentoring and leading QA Teams personally, professionally for various eCommerce platforms for almost 5 years now. Often saddened by the fact that most QA’s simply lack the fundamental aspects of QA processes and exposure to Automation, I strongly believe a push can make us challenge ourselves.

Why? How much would I make in terms of CPC and Impressions?
Trust me, Nothing.  

What if I get Stuck?
I'm there to answer all the queries, don't worry I Promise!

What are we going to learn?

  1. Java and Maven Environment setup.
  2. Setup & Initialize Framework
  3. How to Create a Maven Project?
  4. Understand Page Object Model and Create POM.xml
  5. Now we have to create some directories as below screenshot.
  6. Create Mandatory directories for storing Drivers, Logging, Properties & Screenshots
  7. Setup Logging using Log4J
  8. Create Essential Utilities to Initialize browser and capture screenshots
  9. High level Overview of Listeners
  10. Basics of TestNG.
  11. Define Locators in Framework
  12. Define Constants in Framework
  13. Write Sample Test Cases.
  14. Learn to create Sample Testng.xml
  15. Learn to execute the Test Cases using TestNG.
  16. Learn to execute the Test Cases using Command Line
I plan to cover as much as I can in detail with in-depth understanding of CORE Concepts which might help the QA Community in building up self-confidence of knowing things. It’s gonna be kind of a roller coaster next 16 days for you amid this Lock-down.

Stay tuned for more Updates… Chapter One tomorrow!

Next Chapter >>>

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