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Apr 18, 2020

Module 4: Designing Selenium Framework Folder Structure

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Designing Selenium Framework Folder StructureHi Guys! We have already created our 1st Maven project yesterday as explained in previous post and now we are ready to create a few directories in order to design our Selenium Automation Framework folder structure.

Having the correct and optimized folder structure is very important to categorize, maintain and keep our Selenium Framework clean as we start building up modules.

Here are the list of folders we will add Today to our automation Framework. Once we finish adding directories our Framework will look something like:

Step 1: Create Folder "Drivers": 

We will download and place our Chromdriver.exe (Download Link) and geckodriver.exe (Download Link) inside this directory for executing our Test Suites on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox respectively.

So let's begin designing the skeleton of our framework. Right click on the project >>> Select New >>> Select Folder >>> as in below screenshot:

Selenium Framework Folder Structure

Step 2: Create Folder "logs": 

logs folder will be the location where all our test logs will generated and stored. We will be setting up Log4j for this in next module. Logs will help us analyze our test failures and code failures as well.

Step 3: Create Folder "Properties":

Inside this directory create a new file by right clicking on Properties folder with name
In the file, we are going to define the values like some hard coded absolute paths. As of now just add following two properties in file:


Selenium properties File

Step 4: Create Folder "Screenshots": 

This directory will store our screenshots. We will learn more about screenshots setup while creating essential utilities for our framework in upcoming tutorials.

That's all for today Hope you all are enjoying this Automation framework learning experience amid this Lockdown situation. Stay tuned for next Tutorial tomorrow. Do Share, Comment, write to me in case anyone is facing any issues. Happy Testing :)

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