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Apr 13, 2020


Don't be stupid to switch your career path from testing to something else if you feel underpaid right now. Trust me, the future is ours!

We find AI & ML as swan
ky terms when people post their guest lectures, growth towards AI etc. etc. World has always been way far behind Inventors.

Right now, it's easy to gain titles like being full stack but the future is Robotics. The use of AI & ML will add as an catalyst to such man made machines.

Imagine a guy blinks and lights go off for that very second and again light up when he opens his eyes. (Anyone ready to test it?) Imagine if the same is implemented for Earth's population 759.43 crores (Source:
What hell amount of power we gonna save?Now you seem interested!

Most of us fail for at-least a number of times before reaching Zenith! That our catch. Bug the Dev's while they are writing endless code to check what might work for them, while they are learning, writing the first "Hello World" in terms of AI.

Now Imagine a person rings your doorbell and the CCTV on your door tells you the kind of mood that the person is in?

Prediction is the key! But How will they know? Everyone makes mistakes & we'll be there to catch them...

Consider this post just as an Epilogue to some Novel... Stay posted for some crazy spaceships Invading :P

Happy Testing :)

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