Solved: Unable to Install TestNG in latest version of Eclipse IDE 2019-12?

No TestNG in Eclipse Marketplace? Yes you heard it right. TestNG library is missing in latest versions of eclipse. Also we are unable to Install using Old URL:

HTTP Remote File Permanently Removed:
HTTP Remote File Permanently Removed:
HttpComponents connection error response code 410.
Here's how you can manually add the TestNG library to your Eclipse if facing any issue.

1. Go To Help from Elipse Menu
2. Click on Install New Software
3. Click on Add
4. Enter name in popup as TestNG
5. Enter URL as

Woohooo!!! There's TestNG. Simple tick the Check box and follow the Installation wizard to add TestNG in any Eclipse version.

Maven Dependency:



Reference: Downloading TestNG for latest Eclipse: 

Happy Testing :)


  1. Hiii Ishan Dev Shukl Sir

    Will this Work On Eclipse Oxygen 2017 IDE or i will update New version of Eclipse ?

  2. Thanks a ton bro. I was stuck with this issue from last two days. Thanks ..!!

  3. Thank you big time dude! That was spinning up my anger!

  4. great .Thanks much,worked for me!!

  5. Thanks Ishan. This was a timely help.

  6. Thanks Ishan, it was a timely help.

  7. Thanks for update ,its worked.


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