What all Cucumber Jars do I need to set up Cucumber in Eclipse?

In order to write and execute tests in Cucumber we need to add some Cucumber jars listed below (Similar to adding jar files for Selenium):
  • cucumber-core
  • cucumber-java
  • cucumber-junit
  • cucumber-jvm-deps
  • cucumber-reporting
  • gherkin
  • junit
  • mockito-all
  • cobertura

How to Download these jar files?

1. Open URL: https://search.maven.org/
2. Enter Jar Name for example: "cucumber-core" in Search bar

3. Hit Search
4. Click on jar download link as shown in screenshot below:

Repeat Steps 1-4 for all Cucumber jars listed above. Once all Cucumber jars are downloaded you can easily configure build path and add these external Cucumber jars to your Cucumber Test Project

Also, it's very important to download Cucumber jars from correct group id. You may get lots of Cucumber jars with same name so please match group id from table below to ensure that correct jar file is being downloaded. Happy Testing!