Jun 28, 2017

Free Software Testing Fresher Interview Questions

1. Tell me something about yourself?
2. What is Software Testing?
3. What's the difference between Smoke & Sanity?
4. What is Regression Testing?
5. What is a Test Case?
6. What is Software Testing Life Cycle?
7. What is a Bug? Explain a Bug's life cycle in detail.
8. What is Agile methodology? What is Waterfall model?
9. Why is it necessary to test a product? 
10. Write 5 test cases each for Pen, Lift, Duster, Thermometer and Knife.

11. What is Severity?
12. What is Priority?
13. List an example of low severity high priority bug.
14. List an example of low priority high severity bug.
15. What is RTM (Requirement tracibility matrix)?
16. What is BVA (Boundary Value Analysis)?
17. What is EVP (Equivalence Partitioning)?
18. Differentiate between Retesting and Regression
19. What are the fields of a bug?
20. What is cross browser testing?