Mar 16, 2017

Testing: What's important when u have over 5 years of expertise?

1. Don't let developers teach you what to test and what not to. Teach them to code well.

2. Behind every good & successful developer, there's an evil tester making his life miserable to justify his package :D

3. Behind every bug, there's a disrespect, rather oxygen that keeps a developer alive.

4. Most developers forget they just copy+paste, remind them over and over again... it's was just a semi colon that took them a month to figure out.

5. A dedicated QA acts as a doorkeeper, as clever as a fox, as quick as a cheetah, as alert as a dog.

6. Defects are rare gems, keep them in a safe house, log them ASAP.

7. Stay upto date with the technologies similar organisations are working 

8. Don't hesitate to suggest enhancements, you have browsed the application under test more than the product manger/ stakeholders.