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May 30, 2016

10 Benefits of a New and a Better workplace

So I haven't posted on my blog for a while... but recently our office was shifted to a new location (which is far better than the previous one ;) ), so I think I must share what I feel what all things you feel mentally, emotionally and physically when your workplace changes.

1. Your mind gets boosted with creativity, what all things you can place on your desk.
2. New shades of grey; new colors cheers you up.
3. The new environment refreshes you up enhancing your productivity.
4. You get new neighbor buddies to chitchat with.
5. You start exploring for new places to enjoy Sutta with a cutting Chai.
6. You start thinking of ways to enhance your productivity in return to the enhanced workplace the organization has offered you.
7. You start looking for new ways for killing time when you get bored.
8. You start looking left or right when you feel dizzy post-lunch.
9. You stop thinking of switching for a while as you tend to spend time at the new workstation. 
10. You look forward for new & better policies and ways of Employee Engagement.

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