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Apr 26, 2016

Benefits of working at Startups in India

Having almost 5 years of experience in IT firm I've been associated with 2 startups lately it would be hard to compare startups with the well settled MNC's  having lots of shares in the stock exchange.

This is an era of cockroach startups. Everybody out there is wondering how to start a small business somehow. Everybody wants to run the same race and win. Believe me everybody wants to get richer in less time. 

Here are a few benefits of joining Startups I can think of:
  • Technology is yours. Do whatever you want, keeping the budget aside.
  • Exposure to latest technology, tools, environment and much more.
  • No Time-sheets to fill against monthly client billing.
  • Healthy interaction with each and every core member of the team.
  • Getting vibes you would succeed if you start running a buisness of your own.
  • Flexibility. All that boss would want is to accomplish yours tasks on time or before. That's it, playground's yours!
  • Recognition. Each and every resource running along would know you across teams.
  • Better platform to shout out loud. Your ideas might be considered if worth implementing.
  • Great appraisals if you deserve them.
  • Great opportunity to balance professional and personal growth.

The only cons, I can think of are:
  • No H1 for ONSITE!
  • People might not have heard the name of organization you are working for.
  • Things get escalated too often as barriers are pretty low.

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