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Apr 14, 2015

Are you losing interest in your job?

Most of guys like me lose interest in their jobs quite often. Reasons might differ due to variations in profile but the reasons that make me lose interest are:
  1. Lack of Motivation.
  2. Forced to accomplish tasks on deadlines as your Team Lead/ Managers can't take a stand for the team and fight for deviating deadlines.
  3. When it comes to appraisals, all that gets highlighted is one party that you got drunk and lost control  or the unplanned leave you took as you considered your health/family on priority.
  4. You feel you are underpaid as your colleagues who do nothing but browse online shopping portals get paid more than you!
  5. There is no extra-curricular entertainment to relax you after long hours of work.
  6. INCOMPETENT ENVIRONMENT: You feel like all you can do in this company is your daily task.
  7. If you try to do something better or take steps towards process enhancement, you are informed that you should not try to lead but work as a donkey as others do.
  8. There are far better firms ready to pay you much higher than your current organization.
  9. No Comp-off's or benefits for the extra effort you put in.
  10. No Emphasis on Domain Knowledge: You do just what you are told to, if to try to ask why you are doing it you would make a serious offense.

There are definitely much more... wait for my next post till I think and discover more.


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