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Mar 22, 2015

Horrible Bosses: Kya aap bhi unki चाटते हैं ?

"चाटना" is a very common SLANG used by every other associate working in private firm or government sector. My parents spent too much on my school education to educate me in one of the best and reputed institutions in Dehradun, St.Joseph's Academy.
Once I completed my school educated, I spent another four years in my higher education in earning a Bachelors of Technology degree in Computer Science from Kurukshetra University. I am damn sure most of you would have the same education graph as mine if you are still reading this post .
I have a few questions for all those who are mind-blowing in licking their boss's balls all the time:
  • Is that what you get paid for?
  • Don't you have some self-respect?
  • When your organization itself provides you 'n' no. of leaves, why do you lick to get them approved?
  • Were you taught to suck in your entire career in any lecture/class?
  • Why do you lick to boost your career when hard work can make your bosses lick your balls?
  • Why lick if At the End of day during appraisals, all you get is leftover of the budget remaining for the team after distribution among upper management?
  • Why to swing your mood just because your boss is not in a good/bad mood?
  • Don't you have a life of your own apart from professional life?
  • Why jerk off someone else when you have a dick of your own?
  • Why spend over hours in office to impress horrible bosses  if you get shouted at even after giving extra efforts?

Seriously, I am sick of those who have incorporated "चाटना" as the sole method to move up the ladder.There are 10 signs you might have a bad boss.
Trust me friends, it might take weeks extra, but no one can stop you from achieving and reaching the position that you deserve.
Don't spoil work culture, Improve it. "THINK BEFORE YOU LICK"
One fine day, you might find your own son/daughter licking as they gonna have your genes :) 
Be a Leader, not some poor wolf in a pack. Please do COMMENT and SHARE your views :)

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