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May 23, 2014

Software Testing: the nuclear weapon in Information Technology

You might have heard or read quite a lot number of definitions of Software Testing across the globe. But the question is Are all the definitions correct? If all of them were, why is there just a single one?
If your own thoughts differ from the person standing next to you then how can be his and your's definition be the same?
Since School ,college days our teachers ask us to mug up the definitions. The best Example I can cite is from the movie: "3 Idiots". Aamir Khan was thrown out of the class for his definition if you remember where as the mugged up definition was well taken :D.

"Software Testing is nothing, but the ultimate power to rule the IT world"

Above all, we all have gone through several tests. In fact  unlike me, i bet you would have cleared most of them. The Ultimate power to rule the Earth is in God's Hands. Without his wish or will even a single leaf can't shake by itself. Similarly,
Software Testing is the power to control each and every thing: from a needle to a sword in IT. In case any product is being developed for a client, the client would never accept it if the product is not well-tested and fulfill his requirement criterion.
The tester stands above all. His brain works and thinks differently. A tester possess coding knowledge, best practices to be followed to code, and he knows how to break the code.

No Developer develops all by himself in this century. It's just COPY+PASTE from a previous release or from GOOGLE. But a tester's Test cases are always fresh that aim to question the design, developed code. 
Even a fresher in Software Testing can question the Product in case he finds any gap or suggest an enhancement. Whereas, half of the life cycle of a developer passes away in listening to his manager. Most of them don't even know what and why they are developing. They just keep coding for the sake of running after the crowd. His class fellow is writing 10 lines of code so he wants to write 11 lines.... That's it! The truth!

It's up to you, choose your career wisely. Be a powerful weapon (TESTER) or a poor victim (DEVELOPER).

Note: There are no hard feelings within for Developers. Kindly do not let this post make you think of switching your profile. 

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