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Feb 6, 2014

Switching your job smartly.

In case you don't have a sarkari naukri and are working in some private domain say IT as mine, you would definitely come across some milestones in your career when your needs exceed your earnings.

Many of my friends have been wailing and reciting their odes about their respective companies that they come back after work around 5-10 p.m. and sometimes 2:00 a.m. as well and they are not getting paid upto thier expectations.

At early stage of your career most people suggest to be stable and learn in one company for 3-5 years. But I say No.

Kick off your career with a MNC BPO like HCL/ WIPRO/ GENPACT etc. and get your communication skills polished. It will help you to crack any HR round or confuse the examiner in the technical rounds as well. It will help you to speak lies confidently!

After 6-9 months switch to a technical job, say software development/testing. Work for a year and switch to gain exposure to both service & product based companies. Now you have a total experience of 2.5 years.

6 months (BPO) + 1 year (service-based) + 1 year (product-based)

Now look for a hike and switch keeping the money factor as well as learning. Join an organisation having loads of work touching all aspects of technology.

Work for at least 2 years in such an organisation under all forced circumstances, work pressure, peer pressure, and morph yourself and learn to survive with your ass on fire 24*7/ weekends as well.

Now, you are ready to be a lead... switch smartly for a lead position and apply your knowledge base and skill-set and become highly influential.

I would better be a CEO next but manager is another step you got to climb before that!

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