Oct 12, 2020

Add Download File functionality in Blogger Blog | Manage File Upload / Download in Blogger

1. Go to Google Drive
2. Create a separate folder named Blogger Files
3. Upload File to Allow Download from Blogger Blog
4. Click on Share and Copy Share URL for example:

5. Copy FILE_ID from above link and Paste it in following link: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=FILE_ID
6. FILE_ID = 1hi2CHrvoE7_8vIG-17T6rzrSxtbTyHOsRLRvvA8x2RY as per point 4 (Extracted from URL) 


 7. Use the newly generated link across the blog. Let your readers enjoy downloading the files you share.
Happy Blogging :)

What is Recursion with Example?

Calling a function within itself again and again finite/infinite times is called recursion. It is complex but makes the code compact.

Example: Write a program to find the factorial of a number using recursion?

public class Recursion{
static int factorial(int num){
If (num==1)
return 1;
return (n*factorial(n-1));
public static void main(String[] args){
System.out.println("Factorial of 5 is:"+factorial(5));

Oct 9, 2020

Solved| TestNG Error : Cannot find class in classpath

 Cannot find class in classpath: <CLASSNAME>.java
    at org.testng.xml.XmlClass.loadClass(XmlClass.java:81)
    at org.testng.xml.XmlClass.init(XmlClass.java:73)
    at org.testng.xml.XmlClass.<init>(XmlClass.java:59)
    at org.testng.xml.TestNGContentHandler.startElement(TestNGContentHandler.java:539)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.AbstractSAXParser.startElement(Unknown Source)

 Solution: Check the path & classname in testng.xml

Oct 8, 2020

What is Programming?

What is Programming?

Providing Instructions to the computer to understand and execute those set of instructions is called Programming.


What are programming languages?

Computers don't understand languages like Hindi, English so there are certain High level languages/Programming Languages like Java, C, C++, Python by means of which Humans can communicate with machines.


Oct 5, 2020

Be Positive, Spread Positivity.

 If your Eyes are Positive,
You will Love the World.
If your Tongue is positive,
The World will Love you.

Be Positive, Spread Positivity.


Sep 28, 2020

When someone prays for you without your knowledge

It is really beautiful when someone prays for you without your knowledge. It’s the highest form of respect & care.

When someone prays for you without your knowledge


Learn Protractor & Jasmine Framework for End to End Testing | Chapter 7 | Handle dropdowns, multiple elements in protractor

Demo Website: http://juliemr.github.io/protractor-demo/
Usage of count(), getAttribute(), each()

Copy+Paste below code in editor --> Save as .js file --> Replace filename in Configuration.js --> Execute & Enjoy!

Overview of previous Chapter:

css Locators: nth-of-type
Sibling: tr[ng-repeat='result in memory']+tr
Result (2nd Row)
tr[ng-repeat='result in memory']+tr>td:nth-of-type(3)
Result (1st Row)
tr[ng-repeat='result in memory']+tr>td:nth-of-type(3)


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