The need for Automation

The average age of a human is shortening day by day due to over-consumption of Tobacco, liquor and drugs. Pollution growth and several ecological factors too play an important role.

But does that mean we can do less things to achieve our dreams as the life is shortening?

The answer is NO.

With the advancement of technology, we can overcome the age factor by enhancing our efficiency. Gone are the days when an author used to write a novel manually on paper then get it printed on typewriter to get it published. The text-to-speech applications allow brilliant minds to convert their thought into electronic text in no time.

Similarly, injecting an essence of automation in your daily manual efforts at home or workplace you can achieve the same targets in less time. Don't be afraid of technology but be brave enough to mould it to obey your orders.

Go for it... Learn to automate and live up to your expectations. Manual testers can save a lot of effort and time by using Automation tools like QTP, Selenium, Silk etc.
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