And he went down!

Once upon a time, there was a boy name Ian. He was one of the most brilliant students among his class. As soon as he passed Class 1st his class teacher suggested his parents to shift him to a bigger and reputed school. She wanted Ian to be a part of extra co-curricular activities and compete with more polished intelligent children. She had full faith and trust in Ian's intelligence. She thought that he might degrade in this small school as his performance was consistent and she was unable to put more challenges in front of him.

Ian's parents agreed with his class teacher for his better education. They made Ian sit in an entrance examination of a Convent school in UK. Ian cleared the entrance and soon joined the Convent from 2nd class onwards. 

He was the only one raising hands in the previous school when teachers asked questions. Ian was surprised to see that in Convent almost 90% of the class raised their hands as soon as the teacher asked any question.

Ian could not adjust to the new atmosphere and surroundings. He felt peer pressure and he became Incompetent, just the opposite of what his parents wanted him to be. He soon started feeling suffocated in Convent and his grades fell day by day.

So whose fault was this?
The previous school's class-teacher?
His parents?
What should have Ian done to adjust to the new surroundings?
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