The Maid

I was busy shaping my career, enhancing it to live my dreams. 300 kilometers away from friends, family I had made up a world of my own. I had almost inculcated the habit of ignoring my Mom's calls. She used to call regularly 3-5 times a day, but now it seemed as if she too was fed up of listening the busy tune after the call gets rejected.

The room was damp and dark. It was messy all around. The windows were bolted from inside. I was lying on my bed, with an arm fractured. An eerie silence surrounded me. I was constantly gazing at my cellphone. It hadn't rung for more than 48 hours now. I was missing my ringtone!

There was this smell of silly medicines everywhere. Empty coke cans, food wrappers, smoke buds, multiple electronic equipment chargers lay down here and there on the floor. The entire place was scattered. I was hating it all. It was killing me from within.

I scratched my head. Past began to revolve in my head: previous jobs, current job, school, college, girlfriends and all. I was dying with hunger. My friends didn't bother to care. They were like normal, they were like living their normal life. I was feeling cheated. I felt like there was no one for me. I had maintained distance from all relations god gifted me both family and relatives. I had become a rebel. Overconfidence had started flowing in my blood.

Just then, at very instant the cellphone rang. I didn't bother to read the callers name and picked up the call. 
" Bhaiyaaa! Open the door! If I don't cook, how will you have your medicines?"
I stood up and opened the door.
She was right in front of me. I stood still. I had been missing her ever since she had gone. She apologized for not coming since past 3-4 days as her daughter was ill. I smiled and invited her in. She cleaned up the mess and went straight to the kitchen. I could her the utensils being washed.

I booted up Colt, my super machine and started writing this story. She came to me, smiled and handed me a cup of coffee. Pushpa used to care. She cared for me. She was like a mother washing my clothes, cooking me food, cleaning my room, every single daily chore. She was not just "The Maid".

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